• Investment Specialist Frank Magliato Has Built Fortunes for Many

  • Posted on October 24, 2018
  • Years ago, Frank Magliato founded, financed and was President of Digitec2000, Inc., a telecommunications company with a specialty of selling prepaid domestic and international long distance calling plans. He was successful enough with that start-up, a few years later, he decided to duplicate that effort when he founded a long distance resale company he called Telecorp Inc. Frank Magliato also has demonstrated a philanthropic side, on the board of directors for the Guardian Foundation, to help with their mission to fund health and welfare improvements for underprivileged children in the Republic of Panama.

    Frank Magliato

    There is a lot more, however. Frank Magliato also has served on several other boards of directors, including those for Consorcio Vista Verde, Guardian Finance Group, and Nabali Investments, among others. Many present and former clients describe Frank Magliato as an enormously talented investment professional with a unique capability of identifying the best potential business opportunities and then having the sense to act on them at the moment that provides his clients with the most benefit.

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